Private Lessons
All ages. All levels. All styles. And your first lesson is FREE!

Piano & Guitar Lessons

Two of our most popular private lessons. Whether you are a beginner, wanting to advance or learn a new style or technique, Rhapsody will help you master what you want to achieve out of these chordal instruments. 

Drum Lessons

You or a family member may have always dreamed of playing the drums but the cost, home noise and large setup kept you from diving in. Rhapsody makes drum lessons easy with two kits in the same lesson room so the student and teacher can perform and learn together. It's just one of the ways we make dreams of playing drums come to life.

Brass & Woodwind Lessons

Many students come to us to perfect and excel in an instrument that they are playing in a band or orchestra at school. Our mentors will help you achieve a new level of understanding and stronger technique out of your brass or woodwind instrument. For high school and college levels, we can help you achieve that higher chair. 

String Lessons

String instruments are what make soundtracks soar and symphonic music swell. But learning one takes patients and practice. It's why we have mentors ready to encourage you and bring the techniques to life to turn you into a true virtuoso whether it be for your school orchestra or your professional ambitions.  

Vocal Lessons

Lots of people can sing, but it is another thing to learn true technique, how to push through weaknesses and truly hone in on your vocal instrument. We turn singers into performers. 

What else can you imagine?

Are you interested in learning an instrument that isn't listed? It doesn't mean we don't or can't offer it! Simply let us know your interest and we will help connect you to the right musical mentor to learn any instrument! So don't be shy, just ask us!


Passionate Mentors


All Ages Welcome


Open Monday - Saturday


First Class Is Free
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