Music lessons,
rentals, gear
and passion.

At Rhapsody School of Music, we are committed to nurturing the individual student in their artistic abilities no matter their age or level of experience. We understand that the discipline of learning an instrument stretches the boundaries of who we are. It teaches us that not everything comes easy. It defines, rewards and reminds us that anything is possible with practice, patience and passion. We know that music is something that feeds the soul and lifts us up and makes our community a better place for all.

We are here to teach, to guide, to inspire the musician you have always dreamed of becoming at any age, any level, any style. 

Our doors our open for lessons, for guidance on the right gear, to help rent the perfect instrument, to have a friend in the community with a common interest; music. Come learn, grow and be inspired with us.

We Are Mentors

It's one thing to teach but another thing to go that extra step to get to know you and understand why you show up each week.  It's how we ensure that our students are getting the most from us. Are you learning in the way that's best for you? Are you learning in the style that inspires greatness? How do we take you to the next level? These are just some of the questions we ask. We aren't just teachers. We are musical mentors.

We Are Knowledgable

Whether it is your music mentor or a sales associate, we know our business. If we don't have the right answer, the right technique or equipment, we will connect you to the person who does through our vast network of musicians and music lovers.

We Encourage

We encourage and mentor our students to be the very best they can be. To become a great musician, it takes dedication, patients and practice, but we also believe it should stir the soul and inspire. We encourage you to dig deep and become the best musician you can be.

We Inspire

Above all things, we are here to inspire our students and customers. Our hope is that you go out into the world and continue to create in ways that are bigger, better and brighter than before you met us. Music is power to the mind and soul. We know this and it's why our doors are open. If we didn't inspire you during your visit, we aren't doing our job.
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